THE SINGLE SONG – prelude.

A man is awakened by a bird bearing a note, just one word – HELP – scratched with blood on a piece of parchment. He knows the bird, he knows its owner, his former lover. But does he really know what’s happening?
He saddles up and rides after the bird. But it’s not the future he’s riding into. It’s the past. –

Centuries earlier, an old king dies quietly on his bed, his heart full of regret.
Today, a young Prince roams the land restlessly, his heart full of longing.
In the future, a Prophet shall be born, his heart full of wisdom…

What can it be that links these three through time and space?
– One woman? One bird? Or one song? –

will continue this story on a weekly basis, every Saturday. If you’re interested in knowing what happened, stay tuned…

The Single Song – 1.