(continued from part three)


Somayinozo was again on her way to see Chagonu.

Was this dusk descending? So early? Or had she simply not known how far behind noon had already lain by the time she set forth? She had in a nylon bag with her a few pieces of meat. It was very little, she knew, but she really did not like visiting Chagonu empty-handed. No matter how little or not-to-his-taste whatever it was that she brought along was, Chagonu was always grateful.

As her eyes and a sensitive, impressionable part of her consciousness took in the beauty of sunset –

Suddenly she sensed the presence of the strange wolf she had seen upon the morning of the day before. She paused…

Her eyes scanned.

The air was cold. With sunset came mist and delicate dew. All around her rose and tumbled the beautiful green hills of Nsukka. And peace.

But though she looked with yes so keen, and though her heart longed to encounter again the Wolf-soul, all she saw were the hills, sunset and the gentle softening of dusky nature.

She descended the hill and entered into the little woods. Nobody else knew that the wolves were still around… and she was going to make sure that no one ever came to know. Her carelessness had already almost cost them their lives once. It would not happen again.

They heard her footsteps and knew it was her. There was a howl. It shivered, gently, in the leaves, and she was at home.

… to be continued.