There’ll Be Help Along The Way (LIVE)

Live @ Summa Summarum Musikkeller Frankfurt 14.02.18

I remember
When the news hit me back in September
Daddy’s going home
Father father
Tell us will this be our last December?
Speak a word of hope

There’ll be storm and there’ll be rain
There’ll be tears and there’ll be pain
Keep on striving night and day
There’ll be help along the way
Those who have no fear to fail
Are the ones who never fail
Though they fall they’ll rise again
There’ll be help along the way
… way way way along the way

Have a vision
Live you life with purpose and a mission
Never never give up
Stick together
Be your brothers’ and your sister’s keeper
And keep your faith in God

When old friends have gone away – (way)
And new friends don’t feel the same – (same)
Yet stay on your lonely lane – (lane)
There’ll be help along the way –
Heaven helps who help themselves – (selves)
Don’t keep doubtig your success – (cess)
Just be faithful to your fate
There’ll be help along the way
… way way way along the way


Sometimes at the very start
The road you have to go looks hard
Just set off and just be brave
There’ll be help along the way
It’s no shame to be afraid
But don’t let it make you brake
’Cause in unexpected ways
Oh, there’ll be help along the way…

– Words/Music: Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Lebe ich unter den Toten oder
Sterbe ich unter den Lebenden?
Ein Teil von mir lebt und
Es soll auch leben

Ein Teil von mir stirbt
Und er soll auch sterben

Fremd sein ist Fluch und Segen
Anders sein ist sich selbst sein
Freude gibt es allein im Widerstand

Ohne Widerstand kein Wechselstrom
Keine wahre Verbindung
Keine Ehrlichkeit

Nur Heuchelei
Und Rollenspiele
Und Traurigkeit.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


So why is it that
Only one person is buying
And only one person is selling…

Only one person is making
And only one person is slaving

Only one person is thinking
And only one person is sleepwalking

If the market is free
Why does Africa chain itself
Down? If you don’t make anything
You’ll never own a thing

A free market is not enough to
Free a continent –
Only a free mind can
And free thinkers
Who have freed themselves from
Unimagination and rigidity and
Small parochial selfishness.

Only such can free their People
From the chains of a free market
Where might is still right
And freedom is not given for free.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije


For a long time, decades,
I forgot about the power of music
I stopped believing that music can
Change the world.

It is easy to stop believing it
Because many people also do not really believe it
And so everywhere around you, people agree with you
In a gentle cynical sad way

But there is something greater than belief
It is Knowledge. Memory. New experiencing –
Conviction. Re-cognition. It comes upon you when music
Changes your world and brings you back to life
Inside you again –
This is what Music does to everything.

Then you become a believer again
And a disciple and a missionary of
The Religion of Music.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Sometimes when people disappoint you, it is because they are following, or seeking, the experiences that will mature them. Were they to suppress the urge, or to ignore the chance, to follow those experiences – just in order not to disappoint you – yes, you would have your loyal beholden person in your life, but they would have thereby killed themselves inside. Is that what you want?

If you love something, give it the freedom of choice of experiencing. Let it grow. Whether this means that it stays with you or leaves you, let it search by itself for the paths towards becoming its best self. For the urge to do so rests within each one of us, as an unremovable part of being a human Spirit. – The urge to embark on the journey of becoming oneself. Not every decision will be right, but Mistakes are sometimes the best teachers; and every experience can help you a step further towards becoming your real self, if you always make the effort to understand the lesson in them.

And, paradoxically, you can only become yourself by being yourself. The more you take responsibility for yourself, the more you grow towards yourself. Every seeker will always disappoint somebody – and sometimes the person they disappoint will be the person with whom they share the strongest bond of love. It is the price we all pay for taking full responsibility for our own ship of fate.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Strange woman
Something about you
You’re like an alien
And yet you make me feel so human… ahaha…
Alien, You’re My Baby

Sax solo

Your rhythm, My rhythm, your Rhythm
My Rhythm, your Rhythm, My Rhythm
Your Rhythm, My Rhythm, your Rhythm…

Beautiful alien
And when You’re hurting
It hurts me deeply
And it just makes me feel so human… ahaha…
Alien, You’re My Baby

Sax solo

My Rhythm, your Rhythm, My Rhythm
Your Rhythm, My Rhythm, your Rhythm
My Rhythm, your Rhythm, My Rhythm

Sax solo

Alien, You’re My Baby Girl
Alien, You’re My Baby Girl
Alien, You’re My Baby Girl
Alien, You’re My Baby, My Baby…


Sax Exit
With adlib


– Che Chidi Chukwumerije

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