A place where minds meet
Don’t expect kid gloves pulling punches
They make minced meat of unminced words

Minds clash harder than bodies
Thoughts don’t need the nuclear code
To damage love in every heart they poison

Where the like-minded find themselves
And divide into real homogeneous Groups
They need no Constitution to know their Aim

No visas to guard their borders
And when you cross the boundary into the darknet
You are at home

Finally we have an inner Picture of the world
That is accurate – It is the Internet
Where the Soul undresses itself without mercy.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Der Fluß
Der anspruchsvolle Baum
Erinnerung oder Ahnung
Gefangen im Büro, ein Aussteiger
Das Fenster. Autos wie Ameisen
Hinter einander vorbei kriechend
Wo ist der Schmetterling?
1000 Emails, Inhalt ohne Inhalt, die innere Stimme schweigt
Corporate-Tier, Meister des Dschungels
Des Sich Verstellens
Nimm hin Deinen Lohn
Im Club heute Nacht,1000 Watt Dunkel, im Bett
Wird gelacht und geweint und ein Stück tiefer
Und oberflächlicher geworden
Wo ist der Schmetterling?

Ich mag es
Wenn Du mich in Deine Arme nimmst
Und mir alles gibst – ich taue auf
Ein weiches Buch, Du liest in meiner Seele
Meine inhaltsreichen Empfindungen
Dort, tief in meiner Seele
Blüht ein Garten… Licht grün bunt
Lächelnd spielend ein Schmetterling
War das ein Traum?
Heute gestalte ich mein Büro um
Neben dem Monitor, ganz klein, für Euch nur Deko
Ein Schmetterling
Mir Verankerungspunkt äußerlich
Meines Innengartens. Besinne Dich
Deines Schmetterlings –

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


In order to survive
I birthed another me
Long long ago

When the first feels disoriented
I pull him back
And let out the second

The second is uncontrolled
Full of propensities
And hungry to do it all

But he’s all I’ve got
Suicide is not an option
The journey’s not over yet.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


The simplicity of reality
Drag me down to earth
Some mistakes can be corrected
Only through death and rebirth

But it takes even more strength
To live with your unrectified error
And if you can no longer change your path
Then go it with virtue and valour

The outer Change is not as important
As the inner Transformation
If individuals stay inwardly corrupt
No laws can save a Nation

And when you lose your fear
Of mockery and condescension
You’ll see that most People are simply Followers
For fear of ostracization.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Es fing mit der Dichtung an
In der Nacht
Zu waren Augen nicht
Im Gegenteil
Doch geblendet vom ewigen Lichte
Der Liebe

Wir sahen keine Wiese
Keinen Hang, keinen dunklen Wald
Sahen keine Tiere, keinen schwarzen Vogel
Gegen den blauen Himmel
Wir sahen nichts in der Welt
Wir sahen nur uns.

Wir sahen keine Wiese
Keinen Hang, keinen dunklen Wald im Hintergrund
Sahen keine Tiere, keinen schwarzen Vogel
Im langsamen Kreis gegen den blauen Himmel
Doch war es, als sähen wir das alles
Und mehr
Als wir uns sahen…

Und, als wir uns sahen
Und alles andere ahnten
Alles Gute
Hatten wir für den Augenblick
Den Frieden.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Caught in the middle of two worlds
Am I their divider or their uniter
Or lost in the middle?

Torn in the tangle of many loves
Am I their comfort or their hurt
Or they mine?

Rooted at the crossroads of four callings
Am I interpreting it wrong or right
Or just a tool?

Laws confuse me. Love comforts me.
Lord, don’t make me a preacher
Just make me genuine

No matter the pain
I don’t want to be fake
I just don’t want to be fake.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Though you seem foolish
And out of touch
Keep on being who you are,
Neither life nor nature’s laws
Was created by human beings.

Though the politicians seem to have all power
Though the freedom-fighters seem to be the only brave ones
Though the intellectuals seem to know it all
Though the popular stars seem to be the only dream-achievers
Yet always remember…

Every single Thought you think
Every deep Intuition you perceive
Every Word you quietly say
And every Little Action in your life
Has an effect Somewhere, Somehow…

For nothing goes for nothing
Nothing gets lost in life, in nature, in Creation
And the fact is that while we’re all so busy
Running around the place
None of us really knows what it’s really all about.

So: Ye Unknown Ones, be brave
And when your Inner Sensing leads you away
From everything the world proclaims “Great” and “In”
Then forsake the world’s ways and quietly, quietly
Find Peace and Joy within your Hearts.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


NEWLY THE sun shone anew. Happy the multitude was to see again their surroundings. But where were they? A no-land. Only space and space and space. But no footprints and not a voice on the wind.

We seek the voices, we hear the silence. The multitude is faced with the choice – to turn inwards or to turn outwards. The multitude turned inwards and became a nation. Generations later, the nation turned outwards and faced the world.

Thus was the first Pride born. For the nation was too much for the world.

Let us leave the world and the nation, the multitude, the space and the silence, and look at the street. A busy street. Hawkers, traders, pedestrians, beggars, jam the sidewalks. Busses, cars, motorcycles, cram the roads.

Above them, an unsmiling face, almost but not as large as the sky, looks down guardingly upon them. The face is not the face of a loving protector, that much can be deduced from its features. It is the face of a prison warden. Emotionless and evil. Because the prison is his.

A face turns upwards. One of the people on the street has a strange sensation hard to describe. She looks up, sees the face, screams and collapses. People walk by her. Others stop. She is dead. They cross themselves, mutter prayers and walk away.

Let us go back to the nation. The nation has arisen. It is all-powerful. It runs like a well-oiled machine, a high-tec computer. It shut itself out of the world for generations. It let nothing in, not even nature. Now it is ready to face the world. It towers over the rest of the world and opposes all who seek to break away from this new sway.

Others raise their gazes too, see the face of the guardian of evil. They collapse and die too, just like the woman. But the souls of the dead have risen too, they mingle amongst the living and strengthen invisibly their resolve. And sometimes now when I look up at the giant face of the prison-guard in the dark dark clouds above us, I see a slightly worried look in his eyes. Things are going wrong. He feels it. But he cannot put his finger on it.

Why are people looking up?

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Wieder ein neuer Tag
Die Reifen rollen, ich sitze
Sitze fest und ruhig
Das Frühstück war anders heute
Die ersten Minuten sind gut überstanden
Ich bin mein neuer Tag
Tag im Tag.
Ich fahr durch meine Gedanken
Unterwegs zum Büro
Hauptstadt ist eine Urempfindung
Straßen befinden sich im Bau
Immer wieder
Wieder verstehe ich nur die Bäume
Sie sind, was sie sind
Wie viele sind wir im Bus?
Das einzig Verbindende ist nicht mal ein Gruß.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.