Unsere Einheit stammt nicht aus Parolen,
sie ist nicht der Ausdruck bloßer Politik.
Sie wird reflektiert von, lebt aber nicht in Symbolen,
Sie ist Bundes- und Herzens- und Werte-Republik.

Unsere Urwurzel ist die Sehnsucht nach Klarheit,
das Schätzen von Schönheit, das Streben nach Höherem,
die Suche nach und Untersuchung von Wahrheit,
das Schöpfen aus dem und Veräußern des Inneren.

Unsere Früchte kommen von Herz und Hand,
sie kommen aus dem Geist, sie ernähren den Geist.
Sie bündeln die Begriffe – Arbeit, deutsch und Land –
Sie sind der Grund, warum das Land so heißt.

Wenn wir unsere deutsche Einheit feiern,
feiern wir eine Idee, feiern wir eine Empfindung.
Auf, daß sie uns und unsere Werte weiter befeuern
und zusammenhalten in menschlicher Verbindung.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije
Im Jahrzehnt der Deutschen Dichtung


The Queen is dead. Long live the King.
The best payback against Colonialism is not to throw powerless insults at their monarchy and blame them for all your self-made failings, but to develop your nation until you rival them – and surpass them.
China did it. India is doing it. African countries, when are you going to do it too??? Surpass them and you will shut them up without you even saying a word. What is holding Africa down is in Africa. It is not in Europe.
Build your perfect system and you will live forever as Kings and Queens in the circle of nations. The British monarchy can continue to live and exist – why should that matter to me? Their existence or non-existence, their happiness or sadness, won’t change a thing in Africa or the condition of Africans. Instead, what the world needs now, and desperately, is a productive and highly developed New Africa. The dream of our Nkrumahs. And it can only be done FROM WITHIN.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije


I searched long for it this afternoon, and I finally found it – a poem I wrote for Muhammad Ali, back in 1988 (my, where did the years go?). I was 14 and had just started exploring the world with words. 




This is a long-overdue salute from me
To him who has truly amazed the world
He who is the greatest boxer the world will ever see
And has been proclaimed the ‘Greatest of them all’
This is a long-overdue salute to Muhammad Ali.

It’s almost impossible that it should be
That he could be so good for nearly every bout
For he could really float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
He’d dance in and kill, then dance and get out.

The world started noticing him when he beat Sonny Liston
That’s when he beat him with his mouth before the real fight
Then he continued shoutin’ and screamin’ and boastin’ and braggin’
And decking every heavyweight that was in sight.

In America there’s meant to be religious freedom, really,
Yet when Cassius Clay became a muslim
And changed his name to Muhammad Ali
He became the most unpopular champion since Jack Johnson.

Ali’s list of victims grew quite long
And he became known as the fastest heavyweight in the history of boxing
But when he refused to fight the Viet-Cong
He gave the racists the chance to ban him from fighting.

But the people never forgot Ali – never!
And he always stood up for what he knew was right
And when he let them know he’d ‘retire Joe Frazier’
THEY just had to let him come back and fight.

His three-year lay-off had its toll
When he lost to Norton and he lost to Frazier
But he evened out the scores and beat them two-one
After breaking Foreman down, down here in Zaire.

He slackened and Leon Spinks snatched away the throne
But Ali came back and showed him who was King
He then retired, then came back for the new King, Holmes
But his freelancing had caught up and he could only do his pre-fight sing.

Ali will never again come back to the ring
Because he’s suffering from Parkinson’s Disease
But though the Butterfly has lost its wings and the bee its sting
The saga of Ali will never cease.
He is the greatest.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije
05. July, 1988.