The Queen is dead. Long live the King.
The best payback against Colonialism is not to throw powerless insults at their monarchy and blame them for all your self-made failings, but to develop your nation until you rival them – and surpass them.
China did it. India is doing it. African countries, when are you going to do it too??? Surpass them and you will shut them up without you even saying a word. What is holding Africa down is in Africa. It is not in Europe.
Build your perfect system and you will live forever as Kings and Queens in the circle of nations. The British monarchy can continue to live and exist – why should that matter to me? Their existence or non-existence, their happiness or sadness, won’t change a thing in Africa or the condition of Africans. Instead, what the world needs now, and desperately, is a productive and highly developed New Africa. The dream of our Nkrumahs. And it can only be done FROM WITHIN.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije


I did not blog at all in 2014/2015 about the illness and death of my father. It was, still is, too deep. But I wrote a song with his words of advice – “There’ll Be Help Along The Way” – which captures everything he gave, and means, to me.

One of the most imprtant things his death did to me was to remind me that life is short. Do the most important things first. So I started making and recording Music again. And I ended up with my first Album in many years, called FIRST NATURE.

YouTube: Che – There’ll Be Help Along The Way

I remember
When the news hit me back in September
Daddy’s going home
Father father
Tell us will this be our last December?
Speak a word of hope

There’ll be storm and there’ll be rain
There’ll be tears and there’ll be pain
Keep on striving night and day
There’ll be help along the way
Those who have no fear to fail
Are the ones who never fail
Though they fall they’ll rise again
There’ll be help along the way
… way way way along the way

Have a vision
Live you life with purpose and a mission
Never never give up
Stick together
Be your brothers’ and your sister’s keeper
And keep your faith in God

When old friends have gone away – (way)
And new friends don’t feel the same – (same)
Yet stay on your lonely lane – (lane)
There’ll be help along the way –
Heaven helps who help themselves – (selves)
Don’t keep doubtig your success – (cess)
Just be faithful to your fate
There’ll be help along the way
… way way way along the way


Sometimes at the very start
The road you have to go looks hard
Just set off and just be brave
There’ll be help along the way
It’s no shame to be afraid
But don’t let it make you brake
’Cause in unexpected ways
Oh, there’ll be help along the way…

Oooh.. along the way
Children Children (there’ll be help along the way)
There’ll be help along the way…. (there’ll be help along the way)
Help along the way
There’ll be help along, there’ll be help along the Way…

_ _ _ _

(Words/Music: Che Chidi Chukwumerije)


Erfahrung kommt
Will meinen Sinn für Abenteuer
Meine Lust nach Neuem
Meine Bereitwilligkeit, Rufen zu folgen
Mir weg nehmen

Erfahrung hat gezeigt
Niemandem ist zu trauen
Keinem Wort, keinem Versprechen
Du musst dein Herz schützen

Ich zweifle in der Nacht
Erfahrung sagt, das Menschenherz
Wird wieder lieben
Egal, was Erfahrung sagt
Denn dazu ist es geschaffen

So grau, diese Maitage
Grüner November, träume ich?
An Schönheit kann alles Sichtbare
Übertroffen sein, träume ich

Das Fremde fühlt sich an wie zu Hause
Eine lange Reise war eine kurze Pause
Es geht wieder nach Hause
Auch da draußen

Denn es ist mir ein Blick begegnet
Wild und angespannt atmet ein Pferd
Aufgeblasener Nase
Blickt nach Links nach Rechts
Weiß nicht wie es
Reagieren soll…
Denn plötzlich ist ihm bewusst geworden,
Ich bin gefangen.

 – Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Wie landet man
Wie strandet frau
Auf der Straße?

Ich sah ihr zu
Ihre Bahnen ziehend
Tauben füttern

Brot beißen, Saft schlürfen
Im Kreis hin und her schaukelnd
Geparkten Fahrrädern die Lenker nach Vorne richten
Sie sieht ernst aus und ist beschäftigt

Einst war sie im Kindergarten
Saß zu Frühstück
Am Elterntisch

War froh, ahnungslos froh
Machte sich keine Sorgen
Über die Zukunft
Lange her

Jetzt brennt sie eine Zigarette nieder
Eingemummt am Straßenrand
Redet mit Tauben –

Wie landet frau
Wie strandet man
Auf der Straße?

Denkt irgendwo
Noch ab und zu an sie?
Und weiß nicht, wo sie – oder ihr Geist – ist?

Alles, woran wir glauben
Alles, an dem wir uns festhalten
Unsre Weltsicht, unsre Orientierung
Alles versandet in den Strand der Geschehen
Die wellengleich uns alle einholen –
Alles fällt ab, wir wandeln weiter…

Als ureigene Empfindungen begannen wir
Als ureigene Empfindungen enden wir.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


There is no other reward than finding yourself

The reward is finding yourself
And experiencing the joy of being yourself

It might seem like a small reward to you now
But when you’ve tasted everything else
Then you’ll understand that this is the greatest reward

Anything that emerges from deep within me
Is native to me
My hometown is a state of being

My state of being.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


His demons
Come straight from hell
Chase him everyday
He remembers the cries of the women
Children and all the others
Victims of his guns of war
The land is silent now
His conscience is loud
The demons won’t go away
They want to take him with them
Back to hell where he belongs.

The last thing he did
Before he disappeared into the depths of hell
Was to pray
Oh yeah he sent up a prayer
Of apology – no plea for mercy – just apology
For all the victims of his merciless guns
Before he with a bold heart faces his demons
And yes the demons
Dragged him down with them
To the bowels of hell
Where his evil had created them

And that was the last that was seen of him
And that was the last that was seen of him

Thousand of years have passed…

But now when I look I see
An angel hovering over the pits of hell
Looking for him, calling him, waiting for him…
Will he rise out again? You’ve done your time.
Rise up, rise up, repentant spirit
From out the pits of hell
Where you no longer belong
Come back to Earth and do it differently this time –

Birth. Rebirth.
A new child is born
An old soul has come back again
Do it better this time

Save lives, brother
Save lives, brother
Love they neighbour, man

A little child
I see it in your eyes
You’ve got a heart of gold
Knowing and old
Full of the mission to do something good

A little child
I see it in your eyes
Exorcism of the demons of old

Save lives, sister
Save lives, sister
Love they neighbour, woman.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.