– Words and Music by Che Chidi Chukwumerije



I did not blog at all in 2014/2015 about the illness and death of my father. It was, still is, too deep. But I wrote a song with his words of advice – “There’ll Be Help Along The Way” – which captures everything he gave, and means, to me.

One of the most imprtant things his death did to me was to remind me that life is short. Do the most important things first. So I started making and recording Music again. And I ended up with my first Album in many years, called FIRST NATURE.

YouTube: Che – There’ll Be Help Along The Way

I remember
When the news hit me back in September
Daddy’s going home
Father father
Tell us will this be our last December?
Speak a word of hope

There’ll be storm and there’ll be rain
There’ll be tears and there’ll be pain
Keep on striving night and day
There’ll be help along the way
Those who have no fear to fail
Are the ones who never fail
Though they fall they’ll rise again
There’ll be help along the way
… way way way along the way

Have a vision
Live you life with purpose and a mission
Never never give up
Stick together
Be your brothers’ and your sister’s keeper
And keep your faith in God

When old friends have gone away – (way)
And new friends don’t feel the same – (same)
Yet stay on your lonely lane – (lane)
There’ll be help along the way –
Heaven helps who help themselves – (selves)
Don’t keep doubtig your success – (cess)
Just be faithful to your fate
There’ll be help along the way
… way way way along the way


Sometimes at the very start
The road you have to go looks hard
Just set off and just be brave
There’ll be help along the way
It’s no shame to be afraid
But don’t let it make you brake
’Cause in unexpected ways
Oh, there’ll be help along the way…

Oooh.. along the way
Children Children (there’ll be help along the way)
There’ll be help along the way…. (there’ll be help along the way)
Help along the way
There’ll be help along, there’ll be help along the Way…

_ _ _ _

(Words/Music: Che Chidi Chukwumerije)


I’ve spent the last couple of days and weeks digging out my old recordings, singles and albums and putting them all online.
At the moment I’m working on my soundcloud page. (seen also above)
When I’m done with that, I’ll work on my reverbnation page.
Next year I’ll start giving concerts again (after 8 years of being away from the stage). I’m really looking forward to that – it’s been a long time. The only difference is that: this time I’m going to do it professionally.
And I’ll make a few music Videos too…
My first Videos can be vieewd on my YouTube page,
All my Albums, redesigned and re-released, can be found on my iTunes page here.

I’ve tried my hands and my heart at different types of Music over the years – as can be heard on my soundcloud page. Unlike my literature, I’ve always been very shy, almost insecure, about my Music. Creating Music and sharing it awakens a Feeling of Vulnerability.
I think…, maybe now I’ve come to embrace this vulnerability … and it does not scare me anymore. Instead I want to share it. And since my Music is its voice, I’m comfortable with sharing it now – in its many different facets.
I really hope to build a fan base over time of People who also appreciate something of my Music, no matter which type.

Because I am married, have two little children and also have a full-time Job, I have precious little time to devote to my literature and my Music – composing, writing, practising, Blogging, formatting, promoting, and – the most important things for an Artist – spending time, sometime with the world, and sometime with myself. To cap it all, I find I have little time for my favourite Hobby too – READING… books, other Blogs, the thoughts of others.

Hopefully the time will come when I can free myself enough to be able to devote my time and energies fully to this Thing I love so much – Poetry, Writing and MUSIC. Well I am hopeful that in life, there’ll be help along the way…

Che Chidi Chukwumerije