Energy does not help you to get up
But getting up helps you to get energy
Which in turn helps you to get higher up

You cannot have wisdom before you travel
You need to travel to acquire wisdom
Which in turn makes you a better traveller

Before you know, you cannot believe
It is knowledge that births belief and conviction
Which in turn opens up the way to higher knowledge

And what is the point of this recognition?
Ignorance and weakness are not an excuse
Just start with what you have
And what you need will come to you.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije


There will be brief sudden moments
Of big aching dreams, they will
Tear you out of darkest despair
Remind you of the throbbing urge
That is your second heart.

An unexpected warm sunny day in winter
That seems to say: Shivering spark, I am
Summer’s promise sent ahead of time
An emissary of hope, here to remind
You to keep the faith.

Strengthened by quietness
You face the dark, and you laugh
And you say: Deep, you are my cocoon
The womb of midnight wonder, from which
I shall emerge, your secret butterfly.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.