Duet with Helenvalentina

On the morning I ached
For the memory of the night
When my soul within was stricken
Before ineffable light
And the face of one remembered
Was unutterably bright

In the mounts of memory
Hidden, this valley
Where you sang a sun
To birth, rise in glory
Spirit of immortality
Half-seen-and-unseen you pull me

From these ancient hallways
I witnessed the reign
Of a long yearned for god child
Returned to this plain
And I fell, not from weakness
But from fervour regained

And yet in truth we both know
‘Tis all half-truth and metaphor
Cloaking what it claims to unveil
Our thirst for less and more
Less of hide-and-seek
And more of flame and fervour

Ah and here the sweet pain
That rends through my soul
The numinous so fleeting
To encompass us whole
And yet then it’s just whispers
Where shadows unfold.

by Helenvalentina and Che Chidi Chukwumerije


van gogh 1

There are days
Grey is my colour
My fist is an empty net
My loneliness is trapped within
My lost lines

There are nights
Black is my colour
My mind is full of melancholy
My heart remembers it’s broken
My hope gone

Blue is the island
An oasis of seeking shade
Shade of hue and colours somewhere
On the horizons of intuition

Yellow is the fire
A symbol of promised growth
Rays invisible yet warming
The seed pushing towards light

For in my every dark hour
Every colour is comfort
Every form is transformation
Spirit, never stop looking
For Art.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije and Dormis Aeternitas


This Poem is a Duet I wrote together with Dormis Aeternitas, a wonderful poet.

Visit his blog to read more of his enchanting work.

Picture: Section of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”

LOST (A Duet)

This is a DUET with FairytaleEpidemic. Check out her wonderful work here.

I don’t know where to start
And that’s a good feeling
Bless my heart
I’m lost, I’m reeling

Fishing to find
What I’ve misplaced
So I set foot
The steps I retrace

Beautiful wilderness
River, how you make me
Shiver when you undress
Bewilder and break me

Cupping my hands
To drink you in
An insatiable desire
Of moisture against skin

Taste, drink, swallow
Ignorance, life’s cocktail
Rising to the head tomorrow
Knowledge leaves a trail

Of breadcrumbs
In this drawn out quest
To rediscover oneself
Or get washed like the rest

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije and fairytaleepidemic


mirrormind 1

I’m looking at a person in the mirror
He mirrors my thoughts but not my actions
We stare each other quietly in the eye
Then I hide the mirror again in my closet
And walk away

I can no longer look at my reflection.
For it shows my weakness and my fear.
It’s as if the picture that paints my surface
has been discolored by my truth.

There will be no sun without a morning
There will be no lake without a mirror
If I claim to be dead, then I’m still alive
The frozen spark trapped inside is a spirit outside
Looking in

Grasping for what seems like eternity
to the small amount of existence I have left.
Aching for the courage and strength to
break through the barrier of acceptance.
Continuously wishing for hope to surround me.

And so shall it be, I touch myself
My lows, my highs, my spark,
The mirror cracks, the image is gone
Because I have come.

– (Che Chidi Chukwumerije / Deana Burson)
This is a duet I did with Deana at My thoughts on the subject are as follows.
If you havent read her work yet, please do. She is a restless writer with a gifted imagination.