Many thousand years have passed
And many thousand more will too
But when it’s over you will see
That the lies still have not changed the truth

Intellect will build a ship
That will fly to distant stars
But only intuition will know
What makes human beings happy
What makes human hearts happy..

Believe that you can make a change
Then spend your life trying
Speak your mind and be free
Before dying

Because the intellect will find a cure
For every sickness on this earth
But only the Intuition will know
What makes human beings happy
What makes human hearts truly happy..

It’s irrelevant if the seeds you sow
Do not yield fruit in your lifetime
It doesn’t mean a thing if no-one applauds
As long as deep within, you touch the happiness
Of having been true to yourself.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


After I had rid myself
Of my father’s voice in my head
And my mother’s voice in my heart
And society’s voice in my ears
And fear’s voice in my throat
I stopped on a quiet morning
And listened to the sound of

My own voice
My own thoughts
My own intuition
My own will
My own way of seeing myself and seeing the world
And oh! How different it was
From what I had once thought was me.

Dazed in this silence
I looked and looked at me and me
Getting used to the sight … and feel… of me I
For it’s new when the mirror becomes an open window
Now I know why liberated birds hesitate before flying away
And why they take a while to get their bearing
And why they never return once they feel at home again in the wild.

– che chidi chukwumerije.


It’s just life
No pause
Inescapable laws

No brakes
No breaks
No breaking out – you’re done in

Few gives, few takes
The dark is near
It is in there

It’s always there
It’s just life
You pay the price – that’s your role

There is a myth, a legend
A hurt-filled, painful, word
They call it love

There are no guarantees
But they say
It will set you free – nothing more

It won’t bring you wealth
It won’t bring you power
It’s just life

Keep it warm
Keep it safe
Keep it alive – love – it’ll keep you alive.



Be kind to people
Let kindness be your all, your strength, your gift
Your highest art-form, beyond craft
For you are human

Kindness is life
Kindness is the root of eternity smile
Kindness can move mountains
Can conquer pain
Gives us comfort in our hour of desolation
Kind eyes keep the heart alive

Kindness conquered me
Let kindness conquer you too
Become a servant of kindness
Become a master of hearts.

The naïve are not always naïve
Sometimes they are simply grateful to kindness
For kindness shown and kindness received
And now they too are passing kindness on to others
For one who has been saved by kindness
Will serve kindness evermore

Nothing sets a human heart free
Like the heartbeats of kindness deep within
Sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s easy
Sometimes you forget, sometimes you remember

And in the moment of your death
It will be your acts of Unkindness that haunt you
And make you long for another life, another chance…

And it will be your acts of kindness
And the acts of kindness shown to you
That comfort you, give you hope
And show you the way into life after death

You are not alone.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


No master gon’ willingly let a slave go
No oppressor gon’ willingly let the oppressed rise to his level
If you wan’ freedom, you gon’ take a blow!

The loss of property and means
The loss of power
The loss of status
Yea, the loss of status
Hurts like hell.

When you rise, it means that
Someone else is no longer higher
Than you and has to stomach that –
Remember that.

You gon’ pay a heavy price
Because everyone around you
Knows the value
Of self—elevation, knowledge and freedom

They will make you pay for it
If you’re really worth it.

The price of your freedom is their resistance.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


The freedom you give yourselves
Is the freedom you’ll share

If you say I won’t be free
You’re bound to binding me

If you say you’ll own it all
You’ll have to fight us off

Because I want a piece of peace
A pint of prosperity

A joint of hope and happiness
A chunk of a chance at success

A healthy dose of social security
And a shot of education –

Give us our share!

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


You have to go deep
To decipher the truth within
Deep enough to be unable
To come out again. Catch 22.

Then you will ask yourself
What use is the knowledge
If you cannot use it
To free yourself from the truth.

But humanity kicks in
The instinct for self-preservation
Some call it the third eye
The inner voice, the sixth sense.

Reason says go left
Yet your feet turn right
There is an inner road
That leads through the night.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


The bud struggling with itself
Longing to burst into flower
And sacrifice herself to the light

Nations locked in inner turmoil
Searching for the other half
Of the yellow sun

People thirsting for freedom

And then a Cadillac rolls past
A homeless person under the bridge
Their eyes meet in shock of recognition
They are the same

Or soon will be.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Bottling up the thoughts
Will not get rid of them
Yet speaking them all too soon
Is folly…

In the depth of silence
Assuming silence to be a lake
There is a cave
Wherein it glows like

Bury your thoughts quietly within this
Cave of silent happiness

And no matter how rough a storm it be
That rocks the lake…
When all is calm again
Your thoughts
Will emerge matured and multiplied
And urge you
Urge you to set them free…

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.