Let them not remember
That we were not always here;
Let what we tell them
Be all they know –

They can get Independence from the West
If they want,
But not from the Middle East.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije



I don’t know if you’ve heard
There is a land where girls were stolen
Kidnapped it’s called in sociopolitical speak

That land happens to be my country
Those girls another set of casualties
In a war of religion and education

Let’s just call it a war on humanity
The candles are going out
From one country to the next

Some swear the second world war is not yet over
Others boast the cold war is far from done
Meanwhile an old war has long begun

Some call this the third world war
The last one apparently Nostradamus encrypted
For sure it is a religious war on faith

Everyday it opens up a new field of battle
Now it has picked on my country too
And made her the new local theater of a global scourge

But how do you win a religious war?
By killing, or by forgiving?
By retaliating or by reconciling?

It is a philoshical puzzle
A paradox of semantics
In which real people die everyday.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

Searching For The Right Response

I live in Germany. Just two days ago, my wife, our two kids and I were at the Christmas Market in Frankfurt. It was jam-packed, and most people seemed relaxed and happy. We had lots of fun, rode the giant carousel with the kids, laughed out loud, ate extra-large Brezels with hot steaming Glühwein for Yvonne and me, and for the kids warm Kinderpunsch.

And we stood in front of a super-sized Manger and I told my daughter the story of the overwhelmed shepherd to whom a host of angels appeared and brought the glad tidings of great joy: that God had sent His Son to bring Light and Love as salvation to mankind. Pointing at each figure in the Manger, I told her about Joseph and Mary, about the three wise men, and about the Child in the crib in whose heart was Magic. Because Love is Magic. It was a beautiful day.

What religion, what philosophy, what doctrine, what hatred, what madness, what smallness makes a person drive a truck into a packed Christmas Market? How can such a thing be rationalized or comprehended?

I think of the people at the Christmas Market in Berlin yesterday – and inwardly I see the faces of the people I saw at my Frankfurt Christmas Market two days ago. The same kinds of people. Happy people. Full of the spirit of Christmas. I see myself and my family. I see mankind, up against an Evil; an Evil that is slowly uniting the rest of mankind against it. It might take long for the right response to intuite itself into conscious thought and into a visible systemic form. But one day… one day… it will.

Mankind is not perfect, it is true. But this kind of Evil… is beyond all depths.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


What kind of “soldiers” waylay, ambush and kill an 86yr old man?

And what kind of people celebrate such “brave soldiers”?

Are you not ashamed?

Is this how you want to win human hearts over to your cause?

You are not only killing lives. Even more importantly, you are killing any sympathies that billions of people all over the world could have ever felt for you.

The  more you kill, the more you lose.

Stop it. Become human.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

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Wir müssen zusammen halten
Denn die Stunde ist gekommen
Die Hasserfüllten wollen alle Gesellschaften spalten

Aber dies ist auch die Stunde
In der unsere Zivilisation einen Sprung macht
Nach Vorne in die nächste Runde

Unsere Werte werden überwiegen –
Die Furien sind entfesselt,
Zu wüten aber niemals zu siegen!

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Nicht nur arabischen Frühling
Braucht die Welt
Sondern vor allem islamischen Frühling.

Daß die Muslime selbst
Tagein tagaus
Weltweit auf die Straße gehen
Und gegen ihre mörderischen Glaubensbrüder protestieren.

Daß die Muslime selbst
Sich zusammenschließen und selbst
Ihre Radikalen zur Rechenschaft ziehen
Und verurteilen, und verändern
Und stoppen.

Nicht mich müssen die Liberalen und Moderaten überzeugen
Mit Erklärungen über die friedliche Natur ihrer Religion
Sondern ihre eigenen Geistesgefährten –
Denn auf uns hören oder reagieren sie eh net.

IHR müsst die Führung in die Hand nehmen,
Wir unterstützen. – Nicht umgekehrt.
Aber Euer Schweigen und Nichtstun diesbezüglich ist laut.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.