She saw a hunter resting in the forest
His manly shoulders
Caused the trees to heave
In expectation –

She ruffled the leaves of his hair
Placed her hand on her heart
As she read his rising thoughts
He had been waiting for her.

Tremble not, lovely maiden,
Stretch out your hands and pluck
My golden fruit
For it hath not ripened in vain

This forest whispers
Told me you were
The hunter hath found his mark.

The queen of hearts
Has met her match.
Black grass will quiver tonight
But the forest will keep our secret, my dear.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije


The entire I gave
While smallness was all
She ever wanted.
But the rest of me thirsts too.

When frivolity was laughing
At its own shadow
I warned
That my heart was dripping…

When superficiality was doing the maths
Around its own tunnel vision
I insisted
My heart is dripping out…

When cunning was blind to the metaphor
Of its own despair
I fell silent
And listened to the sound of bleeding feet

Walking away.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


I see the sun rising
The horizon is no longer far
We have met each other halfway
The horizon is now the road.

The smell of your breast
Is a miracle
The touch of your breath
Is a poem

That ceases never to enchant
The undulating sands beneath which
My desert is overpowered
By your thousand flowers…

I am born anew
When you gently wake me up
In the night
Just to look into my eyes…


Heaven be your name
And though memoryless we wander
Far away in this blue grass under
The heavens,

Yet you pull me up where I see you
Calling me, reminding me, admonishing me
With your eyes in the middle
Of the night.

Heaven be our home
A thousand eternities from now
Far Beyond yonder horizon
We see.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


Caked by the moon’s blood
It was our virginal touch
I thought of you
As a wolf howling for mystery

As we silently
Touched without a sigh
All I remember is the look
In your observant eyes

By the moon’s blood
No rain could
Wash it away.

Dance, ye shivering droplets
Our skin is voyeur
Our dance is romance
Immortalise our first kiss.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


She named me River
Because I whet her lowlands
In the hour of her drought
– I saw a palm tree
Hotly pursued by a multitude

Waving palms
But I did not understand
The power from which they sprung
Forth – must I understand?
Which sane river stops to understand itself?

Waters may rise to clouds to fall back as rain
But what woman rises from her heart to her head
To peer back down into her heart from her head
To understand herself
Without losing the misty way back to the dawn?

For she is mysterious yes it is complicated
As simple as a riddle
The flowing is the being, picture-perfect
It is frozen
Faster! Faster! Faster!

Breathlessly I never tire
The day she catches me
Is the day
She will lose her desire for me. For
She calls me River.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije


What is a kingdom to a God?
What is a moon to a sun?
What is thought to intuition?
What do you care?
Just dare!

When you are smashed
By your blasphemous Ambition
You will emerge
From out of the ruins of your kingdom
The shells of your broken personality…

Plant your mind
Like a budding tree
Into the deep dark soil of
Your intuition –

Let the Gardner sow
Let the Gardner tend
Let the Gardner reap.

That is why it took me so long
To realise we were always separating
Our love was always an ending
Never a commencing

A world is not enough for a home.
A grain of sand will do
When love is true.

O who would have known it was a love story
When our swords first clashed?

O who would have known it was a war
When our lips first met?

And Growth.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije


Believe unsanctimoniously
Burn robustly
Brave love. It is all we’ve got.

A tree gnome
Is mightier than his tree
For his tree is but his shadow.

When you serve love
You become a master of the universe.
And cease to be a shadow.

’Tis no cliché
God actually said “Let there be Love”
But we heard let there be light…

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.