Links ist manchmal rechts
Rechts ist manchmal links
Der Weg nach Vorn geht manchmal
weder über links noch rechts

Die Gesellschaft entwickelt sich weiter
Die Politik hinkt hinter her
Irreführende Bezeichnungen
zerren an uns rechts und links

Wir wollen etwas wählen,
was nicht zur Option steht.
Wir wollen etwas sagen,
wofür es kein Wort gibt.
Wir wollen etwas wagen,
wofür kein System existiert.

Wer uns das ermöglicht ,
hat uns die Demokratie gegeben.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije
Im Jahrzehnt der Deutschen Dichtung


There is someone, higher up
Who births and breathes into the ethers
One new poem everyday

In one of the poems he gave away
He expressed the wish, the urge
That far far far away

On the distant earth another poet
Would also start to do the same
And his wish came true

It may sound strange to you
But sometimes you simply are
Another person’s replica

Just by being yourself.
Life extends its boundaries
By replicating its core.

No matter what you think, no matter
What you know, of one thing be sure
There is always something more.

And when you think you created something
The blueprint was created by another
Whose path you’ll never cross

But his work lives in you, and a thousand
Years from now, another will happen upon
This thought you are thinking now

And he will think it is his original idea
And will bring it to what he thinks is
Fruition, and yet is just another seed.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.