Every shift in form takes a bit of attention away from content as the consciousness or subconscious seeks through a reappraisal of form, and an attempted understanding of the reason for the shift, to glimpse a hint at the current nature of content. So, the understanding of content – on its way from itself to itself – takes a detour via attention to and understanding of form.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije

THOUGHTS 26.09.09


Not too much to one side, not too much to the other side; and always give back. Thus you stay free.

Movement, inwardly and outwardly, keeps you healthy, happy, fresh and permits new thoughts to enter into you.

Creation is constantly pushing and changing via development in the activity of the Law. In all your works, also constantly push towards perfection through change, improvement, ever better maintenance and development.

The right form ensures success and acceptance. Cloaking thoughts in the right words too. And every non-grossmaterially-visible thing or concept needs to be encased into the right vessel for maximum effect and protection. Always search for the right outer form or cloak for anything you want to do or give. It ensures harmony.

Beauty is an inherent part of perfection. That which does not contain beauty – inner beauty – within it also cannot swing in perfection. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty – the beauty of an idea, the beauty of a person’s character, of a woman’s inner personality. But true inner beauty also finds a way to express itself outwardly, i.e. must become outward beauty too (but not necessarily according to fashion, culture or society).

The right quantity. Don’t over-do or over-give things. You thereby remain light and free, paradoxically, and will be more easily acceptable to and accepted by others without losing their respect.

Simplicity is the Key that opens the door to Genius. When you are simple, you are open, you see clearly, thus you remain receptive.


Make the inner effort to forgive others. This effort to accept and dissolve pain within you makes you free and gentler with others. And more tolerant.

Be accommodating to others’ slow and imperfect striving for what they consider to be perfection.

Be willing to help those in need as well as those who are struggling bravely to achieve something close to their heart. If their cause or their suffering touches your heart, make the effort to see how you can help, and then try honestly to do it.

Learn to wish others well and be happy for them when they experience that which brings them joy. It is a form of empathy, but not one-sidedly restricted only towards feeling the pain of others and/or helping those in need, which is also a deep injunction upon us. Wish others well, and rejoice in their successes too. It makes your heart larger, deeper. And you thus have more Happiness too.


No matter how high you go, no matter what knowledge or recognition you attain to, no matter how perfect your work is, KNOW THIS: There is always something MORE; more perfect, better, higher, realer. No matter the height you attain to, there is always something higher… and that higher thing s still not the Highest yet. So learn to be humble. You are not the Best. Even around you, someone always has something you do not have.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije


The story you told in the west is not identical with the laughter you laughed in the north, nor with the song you sang in the south, nor the thoughts you expressed in the east…

The language you spoke on the mountain is very different from the tongue you adopted in the valley, and from the violins you played through the woods, and the ballad you composed upon the blue-green meadows…

The roar you let out as you charged past us has a different content from the groan the desert drew out of you; and the whisper which ye sighed in this grateful heart is not the same cry with which ye flow into the sea.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije


image by 851877/Pixabay

I just feel hope in my heart
Because that’s all I have left.
So I hold on to hope, my wine
And I smile even though in my heart
I harbour a river of tears
Ships adrift in rudderless cry
And I can’t find the shore

So I’m drunk on hope
And I’m high on hope
Some call it illusion
Or even delusion
But we who have a vision
We call it hope
All we have, all we need, is hope.

And then in the morning
I wake up with a hangover
Looking for new hope. Hold my hand.
My ship is looking for land.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


(Image courtesy 857818/Pixabay)


Wait a day longer, Tomorrow,
If you can – for Today is sweet as comfort
Yet, no, blue shadow, you carry me forward
A lotus dream on a tide older than Ganges
And here I am again, on the cusp of dawn
Seeking a new song of morning.

When did I sow all these seeds ripening out of me?
And then Today whispers in repetitious verdure
Every new day you live emerged from your heart.
The beauty of pleasure and the beauty of pain
Is that they have to fight for you tomorrow again.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


The story you told in the west
Is not identical
With the laughter you laughed in the north
Nor with the song you sang in the south
Nor with the thoughts you expressed in the east…

The language you spoke on the mountain
Is very different
From the tongue you mouthed in the valley
And from the violins you bowed through the woods
And the ballad you composed upon the blue-green meadows…

The roar you let out as you charged past us
Has a different meaning
From the groan the desert drew out of you;
And the whisper which you sighed in this grateful heart
Is not the same cry with which you flow into the sea.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.