Ein Planet verliert sein Eis,
verliert sein Gesicht -
wann bekommt er ein anderes?

Ein Planet verliert seine Wälder,
verliert seine Haare -
wann wachsen ihm neue an?

Ein Planet verliert seine Vielfalt,
verliert seine Eigenart -
Muß der Mensch erst verschwinden,
damit alle anderen zurück kehren?

Ein Planet verliert sein Gleichgewicht,
verliert seine Atemluft -
Weil einer alles für sich haben will
und alles verlieren wird.

- Che Chidi Chukwumerije
Im Jahrzehnt der Deutschen Dichtung


It’s a planet
Because it’s all about
The plant
Each and every one of them
The way life planned it

So what’s our plan now?
Bring back the plant to planet man
Solution in resolution
A planet in a plan
Universe in verse – reversed.

The planet lungs to breathe again
Plants expiring on planet man
The screen is green
Reality ours to imagine and make
Plant a good seed

Breathe out
Greenscene is backdrop
Every drop will wrench your thirst
Drop back
Because it’s melting

It’s a planet
We did not plan it
And yet we dammed it
But it’s all about the plant
If it’s a good seed, plant it.

– che chidi chukwumerije.


They say a time will come
When upon this earth
Evolution will girdle its gains
Back again around its girth

Many a wondrous tree
That we cherish and deeply love
Will, year by year, with time
Evolving slow dissolve

Many a beloved animal
Continents, rivers, plateaux
Even man, the so-called crown
Yes, our body too will go

And one day, even she
Heaven’s gate and heaven’s door
The lovely lovely rose
On earth will be no more.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


During the day, they’re saving the world, sharp-minded politicians, stern-faced armed forces, convincing philosophers staring into the camera and huddled around their boardroom tables, anchors, performing the news, personifying stability and the guarantee of mankind’s future – during the day they’re saving the world. At night, see them grope in the dark for a hand, listen for a friend, any friend, yearn for something, anything, to fill inside them this deep hole opened by loneliness. Chronic. Everyday we set out with loud voices and brilliant thoughts to save the world, but who on earth is going to save us too?

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.