There is a bird
Crying outside my window
In the woods
An echo of loneliness within me…
Every few seconds
A lonesome wail
Haunting, detached, a hall of sorrows
An abandoned lover
A brother alone
A wanderer in the woods of life
Between the trees and the dark leaves
Beneath the reach of the sun…
I hear your call
I feel you, I feel you well.

The glass is dark
The mirror within is a bird outside
I never see but always hear
For I carry the sorrow within.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.
amazon cover copy river 2015

One thought on “BROODING

  1. The poem begins with a sad image of a bird and ends with a more mysterious image of the bird. Overall, a sad poem that created some interesting images in my mind.

    You are a really prolific writer. I think you mentioned you were going to write one poem each day. I wish you the best of luck! Your poems and blog will be my inspiration to try to write poems more often.

    Keep sharing your wonderful words! Have a happy and joyous new year!


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