You’re walking on water
Don’t think it is land
The tide is about to turn
Your feet into sand

Signals sent out over the earth
Kill them before they grow
There is a protection Claws in our justice
For a darker tomorrow

Subliminal messages
Password more valid than passport
What is the colour of love?
Blindness is just in court

Mankind will destroy humanity
And claim to be its saviour
And cunning will mask hatred
And none shalt love thy neighbour.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

In Memory.


When a gun shouts
It sounds like a whip on crack
So why are you laying that wound
On your brother,

You have none other than
The last one you just buried
Those graves are not for the brave
Your brother’s life is all you have,

Soldier soldier don’t shoot
Fingerfood for thought is trigger for the unhappy
A life in exchange for a shot
And you call that a fair deal?
Poor substitute.

But they say, look here
We don’t like all these heavy words.
Give us laughter, give us comfort, give us food
Give us pride, give us a shining ring
Or, if you can, give us hope.

Someone has to get up
Someone has to get up first.



What kind of “soldiers” waylay, ambush and kill an 86yr old man?

And what kind of people celebrate such “brave soldiers”?

Are you not ashamed?

Is this how you want to win human hearts over to your cause?

You are not only killing lives. Even more importantly, you are killing any sympathies that billions of people all over the world could have ever felt for you.

The  more you kill, the more you lose.

Stop it. Become human.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

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