You’re walking on water
Don’t think it is land
The tide is about to turn
Your feet into sand

Signals sent out over the earth
Kill them before they grow
There is a protection Claws in our justice
For a darker tomorrow

Subliminal messages
Password more valid than passport
What is the colour of love?
Blindness is just in court

Mankind will destroy humanity
And claim to be its saviour
And cunning will mask hatred
And none shalt love thy neighbour.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

In Memory.

9 thoughts on “TRAYVON

  1. I shudder at the truth of your words. Every line powerful and horrifyingly true. The slippery slope we are on has grown so much steeper and the descent so much more rapid. Each voice is needed. Thank you for yours. Thank you for paying tribute to Trayvon – killed before he could grow!

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  2. Your last stanza is so very powerful – it can stand alone and portray so many things in this world. But I continue to hope, one person at a time, for change. It starts with each of us. Thank you for your words.


    1. Every once in a while, there are things that still happen that touch a very deep nerve.


      1. Truly, Living in Texas I find myself looking in disbelief at the world around us….he deserved so much better…he deserved the simple right of life.


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