This night’s moon
Is wet and red
Pensive, heavy
Soaked in a silent mystery
And a bloody cry as of hunting wolves
Unheard of and staining
The blue-black canvas of the tree-dotted nightscape

She struggles
This fascinating moon
To lift herself above the palms
And jab
Our consciousness
With wishes from the embers
Of the invisible weavings of life

The faithfulness
Of the ever-returning moon…
Soon the tree-tops
Who now stare levelly at the moon
Will also have to raise their eyes up
If they want to see
Her face…

O lovely awesome red moon
Rising above the palm trees
Ascending again
Sink like the silence of peace
Deep into my breast.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


  1. I’m very sorry about this repeat of Theresa’s comment. This was not what I had written Che. I wrote a comment and then had to copy it because I was not signed in correctly. When I pasted what I though was my own comment, somehow this repeat happened ?


    1. lol. Freudian slip? 🙂
      No matter, my friend, just post it again.
      (You might have to click on the “W” icon on the bottom right)


  2. I had to stop by and come back to this !

    It’s a beautiful and reflective poem … I’ve always loved the mystery of the moon … 🙂

    (That is my comment) … 🙂


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