Left Simpli City
Travelled to Dupli City
Influenced by someone from Compli city.
So what’s the name of the whole country?

The Queen of Compli City
Was bored. She disguised as a lost maiden
And went to the King of Simpli City
Who fell in love with her.

She sweet-talked and brainwashed him
And he rode into Dupli City
To challenge the King of Dupli City
To a conflict of interests.

So, looks like Compli city
Was trying to use Simpli City
To defeat Dupli City
After having first compromised Simpli City.

How smart.
But of course the King of Dupli City
Saw through all this
And decided to play along.

Pretending to ride into battle
Against the army of Simpli City
In the full view of Compli City
Secretly he sends messages to Simpli City

Poor Simpli City, as it falls
Lost in the web of too many words
Not knowing whom to believe now
Compli City or Dupli City.

But underneath the ruins of Simpli city
Lies the ancient foundation of Tena City
Where a Child is born who says my name
Is different, my name is Clarity.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

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