Once upon a time, Politics was your village against my village. It was that simple. And whoever won, got to have sole Access to the stream, the forest, the fertile land, or whatever else it was we needed to possess in order to survive.

And then gradually came thinkers and philosophers who over time invented concepts like “liberal” and “conservative”, “Democracy” and “theocracy” and “monarchy”, “left” and “right”, and isms to add to the schisms. And suddenly some People in Village A realised that they were more homogeneous with some People in Village B than they were with some others in Village A.

Mankind began to define and unite itself by and alongside abstract concepts and deep inner values. Friendships became rooted primarily not in geneological connections or regional nativity, and eventually not even in nominal adherence to religion; but in “mentality”, “inner characteristics and qualities”, “opinions, views, aspirations”, “outlook on human life”, “convictions about the future”, and such like.

From this point, it was natural that the political understanding and feelings grouped themselves around, or emerged from, these core abstract thinking patterns. Thus did Civilization, originally an agricultural exercise, also find political and ideological expression. As people unite outwardly into groups, they also inwardly divide into political inclinations based on ideological conviction. Partisan politics was simultaneously ideological politics.

And then came the 21st century with its pinnacling of the internet and globalization. The flight of technology pushed mankind into new peaks of the explorability of pleasure, and made strong strides in the social and educational equalisation of mankind. Globalization continues to flatten the earth, spreading the dividends and characteristics of the different civilizations to all corners of the globe. Transportation and communication brings all to all now. And this has awakened new tensions and fault lines.

Suddenly the Earth has become a global Village again, struggling for orientation, looking for direction. And then it begins to dawn on certain people: “Democracy”, “Liberalisation”, “Dictatorship”, “Theocracy”, “Republicanism”, “Fascism”, “Socialism” and all these other concepts are just words which by themselves will not automatically guarantee them what they want. What they want is simple. They want to be at the Top, all others at the bottom. To achieve this, they must find a more primitive, sub-intellectual, emotional level on which to draw supporters around them.

And so new Political Parties begin to spring up which are neither “Right” nor “Left”. They are simply tribal, ethnic, nationalistic, religious, sexually oriented, and – deepest of all – Racial. The concept of self has slipped into the rigid corridor of the primitive group self. “Our primitive group-self against their primitive – and alien – group-self.” Partisan Politics has fallen from the high spheres of objective idealism. What Europe seemed to defeat almost a 100 years ago has reawakened. This is the era of the Re-primitification of Politics.

Don’t expect the newly emergent parties – the AfDs, the UKIPs, the Trump Movements, the PVVs, the National Fronts, and so on – to have, at their core, any deeper message than simply this: “Our race, our nation, our civilization, is greater than every other. So let us come together and make the enthronement of our Own our sole political ideology.” They are the political counterpart of the military version of religious extremism as exemplified by ISIS, Boko Haram, Killer Fulani Herdsmen, and modern day Islamic Terror. They have thereby reduced politics to the level on which it has hitherto been bastardized mainly in the third world and in developing countries, as well as in the dictatorial and less democratic parts of the world.

This re-primitification of politics in the West has brought the high-flying West down to Earth, to the level of the rest of mankind, and compromised the spirit that once strove to be the best. It spells the capitulation of the West.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.