Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature

Astounding. Some people are upset, but me I like this VERY MUCH. This puts a big lie to all the establishment thinking and imitation literature. Some people spend their entire life trying to write in certain “intellectually respected” styles and to publish in many “proven” ways, in the hope of being counted one day among the literature greats. But they not only never find their own true style, they also forget what Literature and Poetry are really ABOUT:

Using your unique voice and your unique language – in whatever form is native to you – to express your consciousness in a way that makes a deep impression on others or sparks something new. Poetry is the deepest mystery in language form.

Kudos to the Nobel Committee for having the courage and insight to perceive beyond the box. Other “literature award institutions” should borrow a leaf from them and look anew and a-deeper into the role and expression-forms of Language, as mankind moves forward.

And for all those establishment-style writers and readers that are so upset, all I can say to them is:
The answer is blowing in the wind…

Che Chidi Chukwumerije.