image by Geralt

Where do we find the meadows
Where do we find unsullied fields
Where do we find clear rivers
Safe streets, calm roads?

Where do we find prompt justice
Where do we find the fairest laws
Where do we find true balance
Round wisdom, pure love?

Where do we find harmony
Where do we find melody deep
Where do we find communion
Unity, respect?

The Desert is spreading, spreading and spreading
And eating up our gardens and drying up our fields
The Wanderer is going, going and going
Receiving, containing and learning always.
What is true existence? What is the good life?
Within or without? Or here or there?
There is nothing better than Home…

Home is here with us
We only need to give it a chance
And it will make us as happy as
Ever human beings could be on earth…
Home is ever here with us
In our hearts, at our fingertips…
Let it flow.

Where do we find fulfillment
Where do we find the heavenly
Where do we find perfection
Salvation, rebirth?

We find it right Here
In our hearts, in our homes, in our countrysides and cities,
In our striving, in our suffering, in our experiencing…
We find it in our growing, in our giving, in our maturing…
Nobody is going to do it for us
So we have to keep doing it
Until we get it right at last and forever.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


(Image by Geralt)

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