It is not a joke;
But everyone is laughing
As though it were…

Early in the morning
I can hear voices whispering
Before dawn…
But when I peered out through the window
I saw nothing
Yet heard something
Which sounded like whispering voices
Talking to me
Telling me what to write

And I write without complaint
Even though the pain is sometimes astronomical –
Yet I write.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

12 thoughts on “ONLY US

              1. Thanks for the information. I am your closest neighbor. I come from Cameroon. We have a history with Nigeria. Many Nigerians are in my town. Just next door where I am sitting now are Nigerians. I ask about the name because it is a common name in my village. Nice to know you. My best wishes to you.

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  1. I believe all writers have our own versions of these “voices”. The more in tune we are with them, the less caught up we are in trivial stuff going on in our lives, and the better our work gets. When we talk about it we come off a little crazy, but that’s the price we get for being a conduit for something bigger than us. 😉


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