Human beings can be very unjust
Because some are mean and some are blind
But she teaches me to ever trust
In the victory of love true and kind

She flows with the rhythm silently
And subtly sets the tone
She fulfils something for everybody
Until each feels she is their own

She flows, stands, dances, hovers
She softens hunters and strengthens gatherers
She makes Knights of all her lovers
And Kings out of gardeners

She defeats deserts of both soil and heart
She is an oasis all on her own
She awakens new worlds, reawakens that part
Of me that has turned into stone.

Be ever on the look-out for her
Like a watchman from his tower –
Protest her when you see her; thus will you know her:
She who flows is the flower

She opens her heart for all to drink
Who bear the natural thirst,
She expresses what all lovers think
Because she was the first

An irresistible smile is her crown
Radiating unselfishly,
She lifts my spirits when I am down
She gives unceasingly

She arrests with her quiet dignity
She‘s humbly proud, yet vulnerable
She is the salvation of the concept of purity,
Accessible but unsoilable

She is Natural, normal, ordinary
A caring, healing gem
She flows with her lovers’ and guardians’ story
Encourages, comforts, ennobles them

She awakens tears and gentle smiles
Just by being there;
Beautiful above all transient styles,
A beauty always and fair

Her lovely whiff, caught from afar
Releaser of the deepest sighs
She is a mirror of heaven’s star
Lights up my soul and eyes

She’s nature’s victory over human art
Mightier than pen and sword
She speaks deeply to the human heart
Without saying a word

And has one distinct feminine feature:
In her grace lies her power.
She FLOWS with the currents of nature
That’s why she’s called the FLOWER…

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

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