When the sun comes up
You will regret the night
For the world is ruled by two strangers
And they both live in you

The night awakens one stranger
Seducer, traitor, philosopher, poet
Broken hearts heal sweet wounds
Everything is allowed

Illusion. When the sun comes up
The strangers change places
You cannot undo the night

You can only regret it
Or secretly savour the memory
Of it.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

6 thoughts on “TWO URGES

  1. Brilliant, very true!
    I live for that thrill just before I get to wherever I’m going out – and I guess it is a kind of mental metamorphosis. I wish that enthusiastic night stranger of mine would stop getting wrecked and blowing all my money though…


    1. lol! 🙂
      For some reason, they just don’t talk to each other, those two strangers, do they?


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