Have you ever wondered if all the great deeds of nation builders also secured them a mansion in God’s House? Have you ever wondered if all the brave deeds of freedom fighters also helped them in the battle against the darkness in the Beyond? Have you ever wondered if all the profound thoughts of thinkers also showed them the way upwards once they crossed over into the other side? You see, I am one of those people who DO believe in life after death. The question is: Of everything we do while here on earth, which of them really make any difference to what happens on the other side? And then my thoughts go to the little acts of kindness and love that soften the harsh human day and brighten the dark night of inner loneliness. And something tells me that this alone will show the way when one day your feet are lost in another world.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

4 thoughts on “WHAT REALLY MATTERS

  1. I think so, too. It is not for me to judge others or worry about who I will see in heaven someday. However, I do believe it is the little things — the way we live our lives day in and day out — that will matter most in the end.


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