I’ve never dated a writer
I wonder what it’s like
To both be awake, thinking
And writing in the night.
Will we share each other’s thoughts
Or keep our thoughts to ourselves?
Will we rejoice together
Or envy each other’s success?

Who will draw from whom
When both are needy?
Who will be the calming pole
When the writer gets crazy?
Who will write the greater poem
Into the book of life?
Greater than words on paper
And conquer inner strife.

Read my palm, it’s full of lines
Do not read between the lines
Between the lines are just packs of lies
Cleverly waiting to bait a writer’s eyes.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

32 thoughts on “WRITERS AND LOVERS

              1. Ah yes — but I often write of sex, not necessarily love. Perhaps I write of those who seek love through sexual avenues. Or maybe I just ramble. LOL


                    1. 😉 Naughty.
                      Well, a dimpled smile is nice, but it’s not a virtue, … or a skill 🙂


                    2. Oh, virtues. What would a “naughty” erotica writer know of those?


  1. I think, writing as a part of individual life would not, should not change the view on the other person, because it is part of the person, however he / she does her work, for inner needs and musings, just for profession, or luckily, both.
    It is an essential way of expression, like the moves, shape or perfume of the body, one falls in love with or not.
    Otherwise, if there was a lack of confidence and conviction, they won’t open neither hearts nor minds to each other.
    In consequence. I think, it would soon be to feel, if there was fear of being harmed by the other one’s skills in writing, or harmony in every way.

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    1. Nicely put. I guess in the end it’s just another love story. And each one will tell it differently. And the core of it, as always, will be beyond the realm of words…


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