You make the principal choice only once, and then it drives you along its lanes. When you change, you change solely within these lanes, upwards or downwards, or round and round. You fix the terminal points of your destiny, and that is your life.

But fear not. The principal choice is the answer to who you are, always, and always is forever, and forever holds light for every spirit.

Poets remain poets,
comedians remain comedians,
lovers remain lovers,
leaders remain leaders.

Healers will be healers,
teachers teachers,
builders remain builders,
dancers remain dancers,
and weavers will always weave something.

Mountains remain mountains, be they on land or under the sea.

Women remain women, and children stay children, earthlife after earthlife.

Thoughts ever will strike me, once, and before they strike again, I would have written a poem for them, as a surprise, because I am just like that.

Friends remain friends, men remain men, and what we seek remains all we have.

Choices and lanes, changes, destinies and life.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

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