Random quantum sugar
Sweet on my tongue

Fleetingly I savour your love
When it comes
Unexpectedly, like a suddenly remembered dream
You never knew you once dreamed
… when?

Random how it leaps
Madness joy how it keeps
My lonely heart, how it weeps

Unhappy to have grown used to your

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

15 thoughts on “ABSENCE

  1. That touches my heart. I was searching for “Laugh” in my Reader and while this is not a laughing matter, I love your style, and visited your About page, and now I am bookmarking your blog for future reads. 🙂 Keep up the dailies – there’s something special about daily creativity. I’m doing daily artwork and it is taking over my life in a most amazing way.

    “Growing used to absence” is the saddest thing. Today I was reminded when walking beside a pram with someone elses’ small child in it, of the sweetness…


    1. Dear WIlderSoul,
      thank you very much. I appreciate your stopping by, your comment and your support. Yes, I am creative daily – although I must admit I don’t post the result of my daily creativity immediately, I let them ‘rest’ first while I post the ones I’m already ‘finished’ with.
      I will follow you too… 🙂


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