I see a mountain
In the distance
A mysterious mind
Over matter
The birds that circle its heights
Like higher thoughts
That hover above a dreamer’s mind
Seeking to make contact
For oft the thoughts we think
And think are ours
Are borrowed
Upon a lazy afternoon, somewhere
In Creation.

A child sits somewhere unseen
Locked in an old body
Each time it smiles
Rainbows and rainbows of new thoughts
Surge out, unite, swing forth, to go seek out
Like-minded wonderers dreaming lazily
Upon a quiet moment, somewhere
In Creation
Blindly receiving the seeds of new thoughts
And thinking the thoughts they think
Are theirs alone
As if the mind of a dreamer
Were not a fertile garden too.

– che chidi chukwumerije.

5 thoughts on “A DREAMER’S MIND

  1. As a writer, I know all about borrowing thoughts. And as humans we share and exchange with each other. Through this process we test ideas, progress and hopefully make things better.

    These lines of the poem really stood out:

    “A mysterious mind
    Over matter
    The birds that circle its heights
    Like higher thoughts”


    1. Thank you.
      True indeed, it’s always interesting when the same thought occurs to different people in different places at the same time. Or when you study history and anthropology and see how sometimes different cultures and different peoples in different parts of the earth all developed a similar form of art or technology at about the same time. It makes one think.


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