The stone that stood
Alone, refused
And baked in sunshine hard
Stepped upon
Spat upon
Outcast, reject, discard
The stone that the builder refused
The stone that the hammer abused
Philosopher’s stone, dreamer’s muse
Song without a bard
Song without a bard.

Dark is the night
No light in sight
What can I say as comfort?
Rugged stranger
Lonewolf, Ranger
Even words of comfort hurt
The house is slow, is slow to rise
Each wall is pride, is compromise
Nobody wants to apologise
As they yearn for your support
As they yearn for your support.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

3 thoughts on “CORNERSTONE

  1. Reblogged this on CHE and commented:

    Now that I’ve consolidated all my former blogs into this new one, I will – apart from new works – also reblog for a whole year anything I once published somewhere else on that particular date under my pen-name “Aka Teraka”…

    TODAY YESTERDAY – 15.06.13…


  2. My Dear Poet,
    When my wonderful friend below nominated me for an award, I thought of three who give me peace when I read their words. You, busymindthinking and Beyond Meds do that fore me. Please accept this as sign of gratitude for what you bring to me, and I am sure many others.
    I Nominate you for a Special Bouquet of Awards
    please accept it and oblige
    there are no linkbacks for this award, so do with it as you deem necessary


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