There is a gem
Waiting to be tapped
Deep within the African psyche
It is the knowledge
The Memory
That he, that she, is a creator
And an inventor

One who once did and can again create
Their own technology
Their own religions
Their own socio-political systems
Their own nations and
In all this, their own solutions
To their own problems

Africa does not have to be a source
Of problems to the world
But a source of solutions

A continent that once formed its
Own languages, its own Nations
Its own belief systems
Its own science and technology
Can do it again

It just has to stop believing
That others are better creators
Than it is.
Invention was our first calling.
Material things, non-material things, and Nations.
Innovation alone will protect us and
Keep on taking us forward.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.