Anything you do not use, goes away from you. Memory. Your mind. A relationship. A skill. A language. Your spirit-life. Your destiny.
And all that will be left is just an empty moving shell.

To get the best out of any tool – use it.
Anything you want to keep – use it.
Anything you want to grow – use it.
The more you use it, the less you lose it.

Don’t be shy. Grasp it firmly and use it resolutely. Keep on using it until it becomes a part of you and the best it can be. The things that have value to you, give them a function in your life – a sense of worth and a reason to stay. Let your attention and effort follow the path of your love. And if you love a language, use it to say everything you want to say, especially the important things, the difficult things. Just try it. Start little by little, in private spaces. After a while, it will start flowing, start growing, start glowing. If you use it, you won’t lose it. And when it grows, you grow too; for it is a living thing and has its origin in an invisible place, far away in the land of eternal activity. That’s why you have to use it, in order not to lose it. Practice makes perfect.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.