I saw loneliness tonight – she
Was sitting in the corner, in her fifties
Smoking a cigarette and watching
Laughter dancing on the young dancefloor.
For a while, her husband sat next to her
And she smiled and joked with him and
His friends. When they left to get a drink
She sat quietly in her thoughts and
As her eyes roved quietly over the
Dancefloor, our eyes met. And then I saw


7 thoughts on “I SAW LONELINESS

  1. So poignant! To be lonely in a crowded room, even with your partner there – such is the true sadness in some lives. Beautifully captured my friend! Pure empathy!! 🙂 🙂


    1. Yes, indeed… I really SAW it just a few evenings ago, and it struck me to the core.
      Thanks for your words..


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