To know the heart of things,
Like a boy, like a youth, would…
To perceive the Voice that brings
The Clarity that it could
And indeed always does,
That we may understand our flaws…

When did I forget how to read
The truth behind people’s facades?
When did my heart cease to bleed
On behalf of my neighbours’ bad fads?
And why do I even write at all?
What do I gain? Do I rise or fall?

I walk alone upon this earth
And expect nothing other than this…
I awake each day like it’s new birth
And through the day I learn it is…
And why I continue is the fact
That that posterity will love this Act
With which I hereby seal this pact.

Just love, and look back never –
We who love shall live forever.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

3 thoughts on “LOVE FOREVER

  1. Love is the bond that ties all that is life together.
    So there is no sense to care about the past, as long we cannot do so with some understanding we feel later, in the present, for those, who gave shape to our early years, and there never will be understanding for individuals who caused us pain, until we did not find out how to love in general by those who were strangers to us.


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