I wish I were a painter, to draw the pictures and paint the concepts that words cannot hold – my words. I believe there are greater poets now and ever, better writers, greater wordists, because I’ve tried and tried but still I’ve not succeeded in telling you what I know. I cannot form it in words, I cannot form it in thoughts, I just know it and understand that it is the world of things which the words have never said.

You cannot tell a woman that you love her. The moment you say it, it is gone. You can tell a man the truth, but you cannot tell him what the truth is – only he must find it out for himself one day. You cannot describe beauty in words. Even the beauty of a beautiful poem cannot be put into poetry again. You did it without thinking – and the moment you started thinking, you did not see it again.

Think a little – little thoughts…

A picture is still worth a thousand and one words. A woman wounded me mortally, yet try as I did, I could not explain in words what she did, and yet I know it Clearly.

You can never change anybody but yourself, because you are the one person to whom you can speak without words, always. And once there is truth, then there is nothing more to say. You can only say the truth, my brother, but you cannot make anybody understand. But, take heart… silence teaches the last lesson finally finally finally finally.

All the things that the words do not say, silence says always.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


  1. I love the way you said “a woman wounded me mortally…I could not explain in words what she did, yet I know it.”
    I feel like I’ve experienced something similar with a man.
    Thanks for sharing your poetry, it’s always wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. No I wouldn’t mind, I’d be very delighted, please do.
          And I wish you all the very very best…


  2. And that is probably why I despise the silence so much. For the silence tells me what I don’t want to hear.


    1. I know what you mean… and yet the silence never stops talking, deep within us. The deeper silence, not the one we hear with our ears, but the one in which we hear our inner voice…


      1. Yes, its the inner voice that I try to drown out with my words. She doesn’t like me very much! 😉


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