What fear is it that colonises us as we advance and infects us with the thirst for safety? Why, how does it conquer us? Why do we yield to the fear of the unknown? Were we always seeking the valley and never the mountain-peak? Was this always our secret goal? Or did we fall somewhere, and hide thereafter behind a smile and a serious frown or the line in-between, shutting our eyes carefully so that the world would not be bothered much by the sight of the decaying of our most cherished dream?

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.

9 thoughts on “SAFETY

    1. True…
      But it’s not easy… not to be afraid…
      Usually you need something to make you brave.


  1. *Do* we always yield to our fear? Always? I wonder why we fear at all…? Life has taught us its lessons, is that it? But do we *always* let that fear conquer us?

    I hope not.


    1. I think those who yield to fear yield to it always (even if sometimes only in a secret way which others don’t see), and those who never yield to it never yield to it (even if they sometimes seem to), and those who are partly imprisoned by it always partly yield to it.
      I think it’s an inner condition that permeates all one’s thoughts and actions, not something one does from event to event. Like sugar in tea, salt in soup, soap in water – there or not there. Where one is inwardly, is always what will inform and colour one’s outward actions – discernible or not. And through our experiences, we grow, we change… or we stagnate and retrogress. The choice.


      1. I see. I think I’d have to agree with that. But, yes. It is a choice. Not all of mankind yields every time, and not every man yields every time. But there is a tendency… And if we are not careful, there then starts a pattern. We choose our fate. It is true.


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