Caught in the middle of two worlds
Am I their divider or their uniter
Or lost in the middle?

Torn in the tangle of many loves
Am I their comfort or their hurt
Or they mine?

Rooted at the crossroads of four callings
Am I interpreting it wrong or right
Or just a tool?

Laws confuse me. Love comforts me.
Lord, don’t make me a preacher
Just make me genuine

No matter the pain
I don’t want to be fake
I just don’t want to be fake.

– Che Chidi Chukwumerije.


  1. I will bet my money
    that we need not worry
    Whether Aka is real
    or just a false take

    Your work says it best
    Cuz you stand with the rest

    who struggle to just be
    Though their eyes blindly see
    The pain in our hearts and
    the wounds to our souls

    Which have infected our lives and
    make us cry out for release

    Where we stand is who we are,
    Who we see is why we will be,

    Your words move my soul my friend


    1. Generous Jim
      Heart of boldness, kindness,
      strength of humanity

      Thank you for being a support, helper,
      strengthener, guide
      To many

      Just by honestly being
      And honestly sharing
      Who you are…


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